Film Music Sampler on Spotify: Electroacoustic music featuring guitars ideal for film. Sounds include electric guitar, classical guitar, electric bass, midi instruments, processed waveforms, and voice. 

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Trailer for "Besides These Walls" (2017). Feature film from the UK directed by Jules Bishop that use mostly my music and and a collaboration with David Lee Myers. The trailer scene uses the music of Christopher Barnett. "Besides These Walls" won awards for Best Actor and Best Narrative Feature at the 2018 Queens World Film Festival. Premiered at the East End Film Festival in June 2017.



Dead Man Rides Subway" (2011) by Don Cato. Selections from my album, Mechanical Uprising. Grand Prize Winner at the Roxy Underground Film Festival in July 2018. Premiered at the Queens World Film Festival, March 2012. 


"Richard Prince Gets All The Girls" (2016) by Andrew Filippone Jr.  Featuring my composition, "Triptych." Premiered at the Montreal Underground Film Festival - Docs II: Experimental Portraits in May 2017.



"999" (2016) by Andrew Filippone, Jr. Featuring my composition, "Limbo."



"Steel Sky" (2007) Images by Alexandre Caldas and edited by Leo Alves Vieira. Featuring my composition, "Steel Sky."